Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Purse

Every year I think I’m going to get lots of sewing done in the summer because the older kids are around to help with the younger kids.  Hah!  One day I’ll learn….  Anyway, while my oldest two girls were away at camp this week, I did get a little bit of sewing done during ‘movie time’.

Pick a Pocket Purse

I made a couple of these cute little purses using the Pick a Pocket Purse pattern (say that 10 times fast) found over at They were super easy to make and turned out pretty cute.  The only change I made was to add some thick interfacing to the straps to make them a little more stiff. 

I’m just loving these one day projects!


Monday, June 3, 2013

Charlie Brown baby blanket

It’s the end of the school year and everything is crazy!  There are awards assemblies, graduations, concerts, parties, activities, finals…… The list goes on.  It’s extra nice for the teachers because they get a break for awhile AND all the end of year teacher presents that come piling in.

Daughter 3 is graduating from 4th grade this year and she had an awesome teacher.  She was also daughter 2’s 4th grade teacher.  Anyway, this teacher is having her second baby next month and we are so excited for her!  As a ‘thank you so much’ and ‘welcome new baby’ present, I decided to make her a self binding baby blanket.  I found the cutest ‘Peanuts’ fabric because this teacher happens to love the Charlie Brown characters and has posters of them hanging all over her classroom.   I chose Minky in Linus colored blue, so her little boy can have his very own blanket.

This is the second self binding baby blanket I have made recently.  The first is posted here, along with all the instructions needed to make your own.

Charlie Brown baby blanket

It’s so bright, cheery and super cuddly. 

self binding baby blanket Peanuts

I normally don’t use character prints, but this one is so cute.  Can’t you just see a little baby boy all cuddled up in it?

Baby Blanket Peanuts

I didn’t use any quilt batting, so it’s light weight, which makes it much more usable in these hot Texas summers.

Now, I can’t wait to give it to her!