Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hexis and Stars Quilt Tutorial

The last quilt I made I used the half hexi ruler.  I loved how easily the quilt came together and it got me thinking.  So, I started doodling and came up with this simple quilt.  I love star quilts and hexagon quilts.  This is a great combination of both.

60 degree triangle quilt

Before starting, you will need a 60 degree triangle ruler that can cut 6 inch triangles. I bought mine online, because I don’t live near a quilt store…sad. But, you should be able to pick one up from any quilt shop or fabric/craft store. (My ruler can be used to cut triangles from 3 inches to 9 inches.)

FABRIC NEEDED:  I used the fabric Odds and Ends from Cosmo Cricket

8 – 1/3 yd cuts of varying fabrics

1 1/3 yd solid colored fabric

1/2 yd for binding

4 yds for backing


Cut your 8 various fabrics into (2) 6in. x WOF strips.

Cut your solid fabric into (7) 6in. x WOF strips.


Cutting 60 degree triangles

As shown, use your triangle ruler to cut the 6 inch patterned, fabric strips into  60 degree triangles.  (You will get 9 triangles from each strip and 18 triangles from each fabric.)

Hexis and Stars step 1b

There will be a total of 144 patterned triangles.

Hexis and Stars triangles

Follow the same method and cut 56 triangles form your solid strips.

Hexis and Stars solid triangles


Hexis and Stars layout lines

Lay out your triangles to form the hexagons and stars.  Move your fabrics around to get a pleasing color arrangement.  Now, start sewing the rows together.


Hexis and Stars triangle stacks

I stacked all the triangles from one row together.  The top triangle from the left and the bottom triangle, the right.

Hexis and Stars step 3

Sew your first set of triangles together making sure to not stretch the fabric, since they are cut on the bias.  Once sewn, finger press and go on to the next triangle.

Hexis and Stars step 3b

Keep sewing until you finish the entire row.  Press.  Continue sewing until all the rows are sewn together.  Press alternating rows in opposite directions.


Hexis and Stars step 4

Matching seams, sew all the rows together.  Press seams.


Hexis and Stars step 5

Trim off the points on the sides of your quilt top, making sure to leave a 1/4 in. seam allowance along the edges.

And, your quilt top is finished!  Here are a few more pictures of my finished quilt.

Odds and Ends fabric

I tried a new quilting pattern this time and I think it turned out really cute.  Swirls are my new favorite!

Cuddling with Hexis and Stars

Hexis and Stars striped binding

(I love it when the fabric designers print a bias stripe so I don’t have to make bias binding!)

Hexis and Stars Quilt


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A history quilt

My second daughter loves her crafts. Yeah!  So, for one of her school projects, she chose to make a historical quilt.  She designed, drew, and stitched five squares representing the different aspects of her research project.  Then, she picked out fabric representing the time period and we created a quilt!  She sat in my sewing room and worked on other parts of her project while I helped her with the layout and some of the pressing and sewing.  And, we chatted….. It was fun spending time together doing something we are both interested in.  We finished about 11:30 last night and I got about 20 hugs out of it.  Good times!

Sierra school quilt

School quilt garden stitchery

The garden square and train square are her favorite.

Train embroidery

She even made a label for the back and a pocket to put her ‘brochure’ in.

Sierra school quilt back