Saturday, May 9, 2015

Butterscotch and Rose Quilt

I’m super excited to be posting about this quilt.  The pattern is called “Dream Big” from Camille Roskelley’s book “Simplify”.   The fabric is “Butterscotch and Rose” by Fig Tree Co.  I cut the fabric out three or four years ago, but because of little feet running in and out of my sewing room across my ‘design floor’, I never managed to sew it together.  Now that the little feet are all in school, my quilt could sit safely on the floor while I pieced it together.

Dream Big Quilt

The problem with sewing projects years after buying the fabric is that you can’t remember which fabric is supposed to go where.  Maybe I’m the only one to have that problem…. I finally figured it out and started second guessing my earlier decisions.  I wasn’t sure if I was happy with the border and binding fabric.  But, after sewing it all together, I loved it!  (I never should have doubted myself!)

Dream Big Quilt

When I was laying out my quilt squares, I realized I was missing three rows of rectangles and would have to shorten the quilt from the original pattern.  I looked everywhere and could not find the missing rectangles…….. until.

Butterscotch and Rose quilt and pillow

I spread out the finished quilt across my bed and wallah! I had a matching pillow! How did that happen? Somehow I must have thought the rectangles were extras and used them to make my pillow.  Even though the pillow has been on my bed for years, I still didn’t realize.  I’m such as space cadet these days.  But, it all worked out in the end. Yeah!


Friday, May 8, 2015

Block of the Month–Block 4–Pinwheel on Point

The last month flew by so fast, I can’t believe it is already time to post the next block!  This block is called ‘Pinwheel on Point’ for obvious reasons. It’s a fun block that goes together quickly.

Pinwheel on Point 2

Fabric Requirements

2015-01-07 15.34.53

*Note – The fabric requirements picture for this block went missing somehow, so I found the closest picture that would work.  The only change is the size of the cream squares.*

Fabric 1 -  Stripe pinwheel – (2) 4 in. squares

Fabric 2 – Star triangles – (2) 4 in. squares

Fabric 3 – Background – (4) 4 in. squares and (2) 7 in. squares

Step 1

2015-01-16 12.55.54

Draw a line from corner to corner across the back of two cream background squares.

Step 2

Layer two squares right sides together with two stripe squares.  Sew 1/4 inch away along the line.  Turn and repeat along the other side.

Step 3

Cut squares along line and press open to make four half square units.

Step 4

Trim squares to 3 1/2 inches.

Step 5

Sew squares together into two rows, then sew the rows together making sure to pin the center carefully.

Step 6

(Sorry!  Must have missed a picture here!)

Cut remaining 4 inch blocks and both 7 inch blocks in half diagonally. Set aside larger triangles for later.

Step 7

Sew fabric 2 triangle together with background triangle forming a larger triangle.  Press open.

Step 8

Sew triangle units to pinwheel units, making sure to pin center seams together.  Sew on the top then bottom, then the two sides. 

Step 9

Press open. Trim.

Step 10

2015-01-16 13.47.29

Finger press the large triangles in half to find the center point.  Match that center point to the center of the pinwheel block.  Pin and sew the large triangles to the pinwheel block the same method as Step 8.  Press open and trim block to 12 1/2 inches. 

Pinwheel on Point 1

Repeat all steps to make a second Pinwheel on Point block and you are finished with month 4!