Thursday, August 28, 2014

It’s school time!

The dreaded day arrived.  The first day of school.  I don’t think I slept any better than my kids.  I stressed right along with them.  This year we have a new high schooler, a new middle schooler, and a new kindergartener!  My stomach has had butterflies for two weeks.  Luckily we’ve only had a few kinks to iron out, and everybody is doing well. 

Girls back to school

Back to school with the kiddos

I am  home alone for the first time ever! And, I am not making the adjustment as easily as I had planned.  I miss my kiddos. But, I am enjoying my sewing time.  Which brings me to…….

Moda quilt a long 1st block

…. this lovely block.  I signed up for the Fig Tree Style Modern Block of the Month by Moda.   I love this quilt pattern!  Since Joanna Figuero is one of my favorite Moda designers,  I couldn’t resist sewing all the lovely blocks together in Moda/Fig Tree colors.  This block is a whopping 36 inches!  I put my scissors on the block to give you a sense of it’s size.  It’s going to be an awesome quilt.  I’m super excited to be making it…. along with my ten other ongoing projects.

So, three cheers to a productive fall sewing season!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mini Churn Dash

Because of the recent popularity in mini quilts, I started thinking about what my current quilt project would look like in a mini size.  I got a little sidetracked with the idea of a tiny churn dash block.  For some reason I thought it would be faster to make 9 mini blocks than 9 full size blocks.  Silly me. But, they did turn out awfully cute.

Mini Churn Dash

I should have done it with the paper piecing method for better accuracy.   But, even with a few not so perfect points, it makes a great addition to my wall of mini quilts. 

Mini Churn Dash Quilt

Each block finished at 3 inches and the overall quilt is 11  1/2 inches.  It is truly a tiny quilt!

Churn Dash Mini Quilt Size


Friday, August 1, 2014

Sewing room organization

For the last two months I have been doing everything but sewing.  This has been the craziest summer!  My sewing room  has been the house dumping ground.  So instead of sitting in the mess and sewing, I decided to do a little cleaning first.  It’s still not perfect, but much better than it was this morning. 

Sewing Room Shelves

I’ve added a few new stacks of fabric from this summer’s shopping that I can’t wait to get started on.

Button Jars

My girls helped me organize my buttons into these cute little jars I found at World Market.

Sewing Room Wall Quilts

This is the beginnings of a ‘mini quilt’ wall.  The Sunbonnet Sue was made by my great- grandmother and the mini hexagon quilt was made by my mom.  The green and cream quilt is awaiting some serious quilting inspiration before being finished.  The pattern is from Joanna Figuero’s book “With Fabric and Thread”.

Sewing Room Shelving

Lastly, these are the shelves my husband installed for me months ago.  They are supposed to help me keep my work tables a little cleaner.  Lol. At least for a short while after my annual sewing room organizing and cleaning…

The rest of the room is not worthy of any picture taking, but I’m working on that too.

Now that I have a little more space to move around in, perhaps my creative quilting juices will start flowing again.  (Or maybe my creativity will have to wait until school starts.)