Thursday, July 25, 2013

The coolest lightning storm…

Here in Texas, most of our rain comes during monsoon season in July and August.  This year has been an especially cool season with lots and lots of rain and thunderstorms. (Almost every night!)  I took this picture two nights ago from the balcony on the back of my house. 

July Lightning Storm

I LOVE summer thunderstorms so very much…..


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Another baptism quilt

We have been gone/going (crazy) for awhile.  It took us a week to get ready to go on vacation.  Then two and a half fun filled, busy, crazy weeks in Utah. Then another week and a half to come home and get adjusted to real life again. Hence, the really long sewing break. 

But, yesterday I got in my sewing groove again and quilted an entire quilt, added binding and cut another half of a quilt out.  Yeah!  My little boy (not so little anymore) was baptized with his cousin while we were in Utah.  And, I make each of my kids a quilt as a present to help them celebrate their wonderful decision.  Since, I just finished making him a pirate quilt a few months ago, I wanted to go with fabrics that were a little more grown up, but an eight year old would love.  Hence the skateboarding and mountain biking fabric…..

skateboarding mountain biking quilt

I used a simple “Turning Twenty” pattern to show off the bigger print fabrics.  The piecing took one afternoon.  Super easy.

Turning twenty quilt

The backing fabric is every bit as exciting as the front and as an added bonus, I quilted fun words that describe my little monkey into the quilt.  Like: awesome, hiking, football, crazy, cool, fishing….. you get the idea.

I think he likes it!