Sunday, March 27, 2011

I’m doing it again

I guess I’m in the super crazy crank it out sewing mood again.  I hate leaving my sewing machine these days for little things like cleaning the house, taking care of kids, weeding,  showering.  Y’know the small stuff!  There just aren’t enough hours of baby napping time in the day.  I really want to quilt my pinwheel sampler quilt soon.  So, while I was waiting for quilt batting to go on sale at Hobby Lobby, I decided to start cutting out the squares from my vintage sheets.  I just wanted to have them ready to start sewing together when I was done with my sampler quilt.  This was the end result……

Vintage Sheet Quilt
Vintage Sheet Quilt Closeup

Yes, I finished the entire top.  I started piecing the rows of squares together and decided it wasn’t big enough.  So I cut more and more squares and started sewing them together.  It’s final dimensions are 90x90!  I’m very excited to find a super awesome soft sheet for the backing.  The top is sooo soft and cuddly, I’m sure it will become the family’s favorite movie watching quilt.  It’s a good thing quilt batting is on sale this week!  I have three more tops to quilt before I can start planning my next quilt!



Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pinwheel Quilt Sneak Peak

I finished the top of my pinwheel quilt!  Yeeaahhh!  I am really really loving it too. It is made out of the Origins line (which I LOVE).  I also used this line on my daughters Halloween garden gnome costume found here.  I got the pattern from Moda Bake Shop.  I used the extra fabric from the dress to make the piano keys border.  Now,  I just have to figure out how to quilt straight lines on my quilting machine (with the help of hubby) and I’m all set to quilt.  I think this is the first quilt I’m actually excited to quilt. (Since my true love is piecing the tops.) Hopefully, I will be posting finished pics very soon.

Pinwheel Sampler
Pinwheel Sampler

Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

On our way home from Utah, we decided to stop and enjoy ourselves a bit.  My husband and I had  been to Arches National Park a few times before, but we had never taken our kids.  We have driven by Arches probably 20 plus times, but had always been in a hurry to get home.  Not this time!  We had a lot of fun! The kids loved it.  We hiked to Landscape Arch, the Delicate Arch overlook, and Double Arch.  We also stopped off at Balancing Rock and the Fiery Furnace overlook.  It was a great little family trip and we all benefited the rest of the way home, cuz the kids were too tired to do anything but enjoy sitting down.

Family at Landscape Arch
Hiking to Landscape Arch
If you look closely, you can see Delicate Arch in the background.  It was just too long of a hike with the little  kids. So, the overlook had to do.
Hiking to Double Arch
Kids at Arches National Park
Sun over Landscape Arch 3
Even though it was my third time there, it was still as breathtaking as ever.  What a beautiful place to see.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sew much to share

I’ve been away for a bit.  We took a last minute trip to Utah, which means I’ve been running constantly for a week and a half.  But while I was there, I did manage to get in a little quilt shopping time.  I teamed up with my mom and two of my sisters and hit a few of my favorite quilt shops.  Normally, I only get to go fabric shopping twice a year when we go home for Christmas and summer vacation, so this was an unexpected treat.  I have to say, I did my best to treat myself.

Sunkissed stashPosh finishing fabrics
I talked myself out of buying the Sunkissed line dozens of times. But, when my sister handed me a handful of coupons, I just couldn’t resist.  My recent success with the Postage Stamp quilt along (shown with it’s new backing) has me excited to try another similar pattern using a new love of mine, the jelly roll.  (I think the coming of spring has put me in a green mood. Can you tell?)
reproduction stash
I have made two 30’s reproduction quilts, but have given both of them to my daughters. So, this one might have to stay with me.  I found this fabulous vintage Little Red Riding Hood fabric (sorry it’s upside down) and decided it would look great with the 30’s fabric. (Thanks mom for letting me steal from your stash!) I haven’t quite figured out the pattern yet, but I know it’s going to involve a lot of fussy cuts and half square triangles.
Vintage sheet fat quartersvintage sheets stash
Last but not least, is my new found love of vintage sheets (or refashioned sheets).  My sister, Steffanie, and I are collecting old sheets to make quilts.  I found this awesome etsy store, Whimsie Dots.  She has a great sheet stash and cuts them up into fat quarters then sells them in bundles.  It has saved us lots of time and probably lots of money.  The sheets have this wonderful, soft, worn in feel that I love.  It’ll be my cuddle quilt.  I can’t wait to get started on it.

Now, I just have to finish my pesky coming home from a long road trip chores, wait until school resumes on Monday, and get my little Sammie to take a nap.  SIGH…  Don’t know if I’ll make it.


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My new purse/bag!

I found this adorable fabric at Hobby Lobby. I picked it up, put it down, up, down.  Went home.  Came back, picked it up etc….  Until the fabric came home with me.  So, now what should I make with it?  A purse… no a bag… no, a large bag type purse!  Yeah!  Then I would have something super cute to travel with or take to church or whatever else I can think of to show off my new bag!  So, after a quick browse through my “Quilts and More” magazines.  I found this easy pattern in the Winter 2007 issue.   I added outside pockets, fusible fleece to the strap and changed the magnetic closure to a button with a loop.  A couple of hours later and I have a great new bag.

Dot and Flower Purse (2)
Dot and Flower Purse Back
Dot and Flower Purse inside

Hmmm.  I might have to make something else out of this fabric too.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Perfectly Pretty Polka Dot Prints

Most peoples taste changes through the years.  Favorite clothing, hair styles, music, colors, etc…  But, then again, some things stay the same.  I think polka dots are all that and a bag of chips.  I’ve liked them for as long as I can remember.  I’ve made dotted skirts, Easter dresses, quilts, headbands and I even have a pair of polka dot shoes.  I decided to pull out some of my polka dot stash just to see how much I had.  This was my result.  Keep in mind, this is only the fabric I could grab easily from where I was sitting.  I didn’t even open up many of my totes.

polka dot fabric

Isn’t it great?  I could do the same things with my stripe prints too.  But, stripes just don’t make me smile like dots.   There is something happy about polka dots.  Kinda like daisies


They are just cute.  Don’t ya think?  Here are a few more dot pictures to make you (and me) smile.

Polka Dot Stash Quilt
This quilt is from Morgan Moore’s blog “onemoremoore”  you can look at it here.  This is her scrappy quilt. Isn’t it awesome?
baby polka dot and roses quilt
polka dot duck
Polka dot dishes
polka dot retro__dress
Polka Dot Pinwheel Baby Quilt
Now didn’t you smile?



Thursday, March 3, 2011

Disappearing 9 patch

It’s finished!  I decided not to order the fabric for the binding after all.  I ended up buying some fabric , not liking it, then finding a fabric in my stash that worked great! (Of course I have multiple choices of red polka dot in my stash!  What was I thinking?!) My husband wants me to make a few different odd little pockets with flaps and buttons and sew them on the back. (Which I think would be adorable.)  Let’s see if I get to it.   I’m very anxious to get started on my next quilt top. 
Red and White Quilt
red and white quilt back
It’s definitely one of my favorites so far!  (I think I’ve said that before…..)


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I need binding fabric

Have you ever gotten to the binding stage of the quilt and decided you don’t like the fabric you bought for the binding?  That’s exactly what has happened to me.  I’m so excited to be finishing another quilt (so I can get started on my pinwheel sampler) and I really don’t like my binding.  The lady at the quilt shop kinda talked me into it.  Now, I wish I would have held my ground.  I’m stuck here in no man’s land with no quilt shop to run to and I have two (yes two, remember this?)  quilts with no binding.  So, you be the judge.  Shall I shop online again and risk getting nonmatching fabric on top of having to wait 7-10 days, or shall I go to Hobby Lobby and buy inferior fabric that I’ve settled on because there is such a small selection.  OR, I could drive 30 minutes to Joann’s and still buy inferior fabric that I’ve settled on because there is such a small selection.  I know I should probably order online.  Sigh.  We really need an El Paso quilt shop.

Here is my sad little quilt without it’s binding..

Red and white quilt without binding



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Cutest Photo

We had a little extra time before church on Sunday morning. So, I decided to do a quick photo shoot with my kids.  They are mostly individual shots, but Sammie and Brina decided they wanted to be in a few together.  This is the result…Sammie and Brina hugging 

They are such good buddies, Sammie calls her big sister “other mommy”.  I believe this picture will be hanging on my wall for a long time.