Friday, November 15, 2013

Great Aunt Katie’s Granola

Even though I have been doing lots and lots of sewing, I can’t really show anything now because all my projects are gifts.  But, I’m taking  lots of pictures so I can show off a little after Christmas.  Meanwhile, I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipes.

My Great Aunt Katie made the most fabulous granola.  I stayed with my sister once for a couple of nights (who lived at Aunt Katie’s house) while she was attending college.  For breakfast, Aunt Katie served granola and fruit.  I had never had anything like it, but I LOVED it. The only comparable granola I have ever had since, was in a little French bistro in New York.  I had granola served with yogurt, a chocolate croissant, and steamed hot chocolate.  YUM!

So now, when I feel like spoiling myself (and my family), I make a big batch of homemade granola. 

Homemade Granola


10c Oats                                                         1/2 c Molasses

1c Wheat Germ                                             1c Honey

1/2 lb Coconut                                              1 1/2 t Salt

2c Raw Sunflower Seeds                             2t Cinnamon

1c Sesame Seeds                                          3t Vanilla

3c Almonds (whole, slivered, sliced…)   

1 1/2c Brown Sugar

1 1/2c Water

1 1/2c Vegetable Oil

Dried fruit (optional)  I like to add fresh fruit to mine right before eating.

Preheat oven to 300 degrees. 

In a large bowl, mix together dry ingredients.  Stir in wet ingredients.  Mix very well (otherwise you might get spots of strong molasses in a bite of your granola).  Spread on jelly roll pan.  Cook 20-30 minutes.  If you like it a little more crunchy, cook an additional 15 minutes. 

I like to eat mine with milk and fresh berries mixed in.  My husband eats his with yogurt.  My daughter eats hers plain .  Anyway you like it, it’s super yummy.