Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finished Churn Dash Quilts

I started making a churn dash quilt for my sister-in-law last April.  Her birthday is in July, so I’d have plenty of time to finish it right?  Yeah, no. It didn’t work out that way.  But, I did get it finished in time for Christmas…… along with one for me!

Jennifer Paganelli fabric

I used fabric by Jennifer Paganelli that I have had for years and years.  They were just waiting for the right quilt(s) to come along.

Churn Dash Border

For my sister-in-law’s quilt, I chose a happy, green and blue small print fabric.  Since the backing is bright green and purple, I thought subdued would be a better border choice.

Churn Dash Quilt 1

The second quilt I opted for a bright, bold, green, rose print.

Churn Dash Rose Border

I chose a calmer backing for this quilt.

Churn Dash Quilt

The green combination was a bit of a gamble, but there are so many colors on the front, I figured I could get away with it.  Sometimes you just have to go with what you love!

Folded churn dash quilts

We now have two happy, bright colored, cuddle in the winter quilts!