Monday, October 24, 2011

Nicey Jane is finished!

Have you ever gone fabric shopping in a funky mood and bought fabric that is totally unlike anything you’ve bought before?  You loved it for awhile, then later on couldn’t figure out why you loved it so much?  That’s what happened here.  Don’t get me wrong, the “Nicey Jane” fabric line is super cute.  It’s just not so much me.  The quilt was a nightmare to cut out.  There were so many fabrics and so many pieces.  I can’t even remember what the pattern is called.  (It’s from an old quilt magazine.)  I made the top two years ago and put it away until….  four months ago my teenage daughter saw it in my pile of unfinished quilts and fell in love.  It makes sense.  She is super artsy loves these colors.  She begged me to finish it, so she could use it as a bedspread.  She also wanted  words like “artist” “read” and “imagine” quilted on it.  It was pretty fun to quilt and turned out very “Savvy”.  So, here it is. Nicey Jane.

Nicey Jane Quilt

Nicey Jane Quilt Back

(Yes, my second daughter is a big ham and tries to look ridiculous in most of her pictures.)

Nicey Jane folded



  1. Wow.. tell Savvy she has great taste! I totally love it! Almost a Kaffe Faucett feeling to it.. or a little Amy Butler. Darling! (and I guess you deserve a little credit for originally picking out the fabric, and of course assembling and quilting it.... but just a little..he he he)

  2. Oh yeah.. can I just tell you how much you suck? 14 quilts COMPLETED this year so far!?! Very jealous...