Monday, April 30, 2012

A yellow skirt

I got in the mood to make skirts this weekend.  Not difficult actually use a pattern skirts, but cut large rectangles and sew them onto an elastic waistband skirts.  I had fun making them (except the part where I chopped my fingernail and a small piece of my finger off with the rotary cutter).  Didn’t really hurt cuz  it was a brand new, sharp, just out of the package blade. But, oh did it bleed!  I digress…  I showed daughter no. 2 all the cute fabrics she had to choose from and she said, “ Can I just have plain yellow?”.  Really?  “Plain yellow with ribbon sewn around the bottom.”  Okay.  Sounds cute.  I’ll give it a shot.  And, ohhhh I’m so happy I did.  It turned out so stinkin’ cute!!  The other girls skirts turned out cute too, but daughter no. 2 is the only one who would pose for pictures after church.  Everyone else was rushing to change into comfy Sunday afternoon clothes.  So,  here is the plain yellow stinkin’ cute skirt.

yellow skirt

It’s so happy and sunshiney!  She was quite pleased with her idea too.

Hmmmm. I might have to do solid colors more often..


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  1. it looks very beautifull stormy, you actully did good work i liked it, it is so simple and nice.
    you could also try with differnet colors in same way or you can make a zig zag skirt pattern they too look very nice.