Thursday, September 13, 2012

Crochet season

I LOVE the fall season.  So very very much.  Unfortunately, because I live in the Southwest desert, my fall is a little less spectacular than other places.  But, I try my best to pretend that its getting cooler than 85 degrees outside.  And, I wear my sweaters for five or six weeks every winter!

Anyway, after looking at all the beautiful Pinterest posts on crocheting, I decided to start a project myself. 

gray crochet shawl in progress

It’s not recognizable yet, but it will become my first crochet shawl.  (I had to add my new crochet pack in the picture because they are as exciting to me as new school supplies were when I was a kid.)  I’m using the Red Heart 'Romantic Lacy Shawl' pattern.  I tried a different pattern, but even though I have been crocheting since I was five, I could not figure out the beginner pattern!  This one on the other hand is fairly easy.   Hopefully, this will be the first of many crochet projects this Fall/Winter.


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