Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A history quilt

My second daughter loves her crafts. Yeah!  So, for one of her school projects, she chose to make a historical quilt.  She designed, drew, and stitched five squares representing the different aspects of her research project.  Then, she picked out fabric representing the time period and we created a quilt!  She sat in my sewing room and worked on other parts of her project while I helped her with the layout and some of the pressing and sewing.  And, we chatted….. It was fun spending time together doing something we are both interested in.  We finished about 11:30 last night and I got about 20 hugs out of it.  Good times!

Sierra school quilt

School quilt garden stitchery

The garden square and train square are her favorite.

Train embroidery

She even made a label for the back and a pocket to put her ‘brochure’ in.

Sierra school quilt back


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