Monday, September 9, 2013

My own Minky blanket

After making all these baby blankets, I decided I wanted a soft cuddly blanket of my own.  I found a fabric I loved, added minky for the back and a polka dot binding.  The result – my very own cuddle blanket.  Well almost, my kids tend to steal it from me when I’m not looking.

hexagon minky blanket

It’s super simple and only took two days.  One day to quilt it, one day to trim and bind it.

hexagon minky blanket 2

Because I live where it is very warm, I wanted to keep it lightweight.  So, I didn’t use any batting, just the cotton top and minky back.

hexagon minky blanket 3

I use it everyday.  Everyone should have one.   Hmmm. I’m thinking Christmas??


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