Thursday, August 28, 2014

It’s school time!

The dreaded day arrived.  The first day of school.  I don’t think I slept any better than my kids.  I stressed right along with them.  This year we have a new high schooler, a new middle schooler, and a new kindergartener!  My stomach has had butterflies for two weeks.  Luckily we’ve only had a few kinks to iron out, and everybody is doing well. 

Girls back to school

Back to school with the kiddos

I am  home alone for the first time ever! And, I am not making the adjustment as easily as I had planned.  I miss my kiddos. But, I am enjoying my sewing time.  Which brings me to…….

Moda quilt a long 1st block

…. this lovely block.  I signed up for the Fig Tree Style Modern Block of the Month by Moda.   I love this quilt pattern!  Since Joanna Figuero is one of my favorite Moda designers,  I couldn’t resist sewing all the lovely blocks together in Moda/Fig Tree colors.  This block is a whopping 36 inches!  I put my scissors on the block to give you a sense of it’s size.  It’s going to be an awesome quilt.  I’m super excited to be making it…. along with my ten other ongoing projects.

So, three cheers to a productive fall sewing season!


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