Friday, April 8, 2016

Back again!

My hubbie was kind enough to remind me that it's been 6 months or so since I have made a blog entry.  Honestly, it's so much easier to use Instagram, I haven't much wanted to do a lot of blogging.  But, I have made a few cute quilts I'm exited to show off, so I'll do my best at getting back into the blog swing!

I just finished this 'Swell' quilt today and it's a fun one!  The pattern is from Thimbleblossom's book 'Simply Retro' and is called "Swell".  The fabric is Bread 'n Butter by American Jane.  It's a fun pattern because it uses just one jelly roll and sews together quickly.  

I chose a simple green leaf outline on cream print and a polka dot binding.  I didn't really want the binding to stand out because the colors in the quilt are so bright, the binding didn't need to 'fight' with the rest of the quilt. 
The quilting pattern I used was a simple leaf pattern.  I used green thread for the top (I'm still deciding if I like it) and cream for the back.
This is a fun one and good for a beginning quilter.