Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine Subway Art

I know, I know.  Christmas is barely over.  But, honestly…..I’m over Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite holiday.  But after the presents, the traveling, seeing family and more and more family (love you all), I’m ready to get back to normal life.  And that means decorating for the next holiday! 

While in Utah on a fabric shopping trip, I walked into a cute little cookie shop.  They already had pink and red hearts hanging from the ceiling and jars of Valentine candy displayed on the table.  It got me in the Valentine mood.

So, here is my first Valentine craft for the year.  I have a little shelf in my kitchen that holds a landscape 5x7 frame.  I also wanted the words printed in all black on a red paper with white dots.  Problem.  I couldn’t find any Subway Art online that filled my criteria.  So, I made my own.  It took about 30 minutes to find and download some fonts.  Then another 30 – 40 minutes to type and position all the words.  I think it turned out pretty cute.

My Valentine's Subway Art

I’ll take more pictures when I have all my crafts put together.


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  1. Darling! Good job! I'm getting the V-day mood too.. just finished a pink quilt to hang on the wall.. Need to come up with something else now! Tell me what else you have in mind!