Monday, April 29, 2013

My finished Hexagon Quilt

A while back, I saw the coolest hexagon quilt.  The hexagons were 8 1/2 inches across!  I had never seen a quilt like that before, but I loved it.  I decided to make one, ‘Y’ seams and all…  But, as I read further along the blog, I found out the hexagons were made from layer cake squares and were cut out using a ‘Half-Hexagon’ ruler.  Each layer cake square is folded in half, then you lay the ruler on top and cut out two half-hexagons.  Once they are all cut out, you lay out the quilt row by row so the top and bottom hexagon pieces match each other.  Then, sew each row together and you get a hexagon quilt! It looked like fun. So, I ordered the layer cake ruler and the charm pack ruler.  (Yes, you can make smaller 4 inch hexagons too!)

I thought I would start with my recently acquired ‘PB & J’ layer cake. 

PB&J Half Hexagon Quilt

I found the smaller prints work much better when using this method because the seam across the center is not as noticeable.  I ran into a bit of a problem when I had to chop the alphabet squares in half…

Half Hexagon Quilt

I thought it would be fun to leave the zig-zag along the edges instead of trimming off the points.  They turned out cute, but it took as long to bind the quilt as it did to sew the entire top together.  More if you include all the videos I watched to learn how to bind odd angles.

PB & J angled binding

I still need a bit of practice.  The corners are definitely not perfect, but I’m happy with my finished product.  And, I learned two more quilting techniques!


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