Monday, October 14, 2013

Nancy Drew birthday quilt

My oldest daughter turned sixteen yesterday! Gasp! I’m still in shock.  Sixteen. Wow.  I wanted to do something special for her big birthday, so we had an awesome night party that included s’mores, a water fountain full of bubbles, lots of glow sticks (for games), a fire pit, and Christmas lights strung all over the backyard.  It was awesome.  I also wanted to give her an extra special gift. 

Last year, I bought a “Get a Clue with Nancy Drew” layer cake because my daughter LOVES all kinds of mystery like  Sherlock Holmes, Judy Bolton, The Shadow, and of course Nancy Drew.  And, I also happened to find a super cute Nancy Drew quilt pattern here at Moda Bake Shop.  Of course I left it all until the last two weeks, but I finished it on Friday (yeah!) and it was her favorite present.

irish chain quilt

9 patch irish chain

I think the appliqued book covers totally made the quilt.  Such a cute idea.  I liked the books spread out a little more than the original pattern, so I changed it just a bit.

Nancy Drew quilt binding

I’m so in love with the black and white striped binding too. I really struggled picking it out, because I was once told never to put black with dark blue, but I went with it anyway and I’m so glad I did. 

Nancy Drew quilt 3

I quilted big loopy swirls to go with the fun feel of the quilt (and to get it done a little faster).  It’s a simple pattern but, I think it turned out pretty cute.

Now, on to another baby blanket…..


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