Thursday, January 16, 2014

My Star Sister’s Quilt…. no wait! My Sister’s Star Quilt!

While visiting my family over Christmas break, I had to do a little fabric shopping.  Well, A LOT of fabric shopping.  That’s what happens when you have to wait six months between each shopping trip.  You over do it…  just a bit.  I usually drag my mom and sisters along too, cuz it’s more fun that way. 

So, we decided to meet in the parking lot of our first of many quilt shop stops.  And my older sister, Steffanie, gets out of her car with a big smile on her face and gives me a big hug and smiles big again…..  Curious.  Then I notice the bag in her arms. Curiouser and curiouser. “So!” she says.  “I just happened to bring along this big ‘ol unquilted quilt with me….. just in case you might want to take it home and quilt it…..!”  Ha. Mystery solved.  How could I say no to my eight month pregnant with her third boy sister?  “Sure” said I.  “I’d be happy to.  I LOVE to quilt queen size quilts!”  Not.  Just kidding.  Everybody knows I would much rather plan and piece a quilt than quilt it, but I’m getter better at the quilting and my finished projects are starting to look pretty decent.  Who knew that I’d get in the super awesome quilt mode and get it done two weeks after I made it back home?

So here it is, my sister’s quilted (unbound) Urban Cowgirls star quilt.

Gorgeous isn’t it?  I decided to use an all over leaf pattern for the quilting. (Sorry, it’s a little hard to see.)

Steffanie's Urban Cowgirl Star quilt

I’m loving it so much, I might have to make one myself.

Steff's Star Quilt Urban Cowgirl

She made it over a year ago and it’s just been sitting there waiting to be quilted.  I’m happy I could help her finally get it finished!


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