Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ruby the elephant

My daughter loves elephants.  One of her favorite cartoons was Little Bill, who happened to love elephants.  Even his hamster was named “elephant”.    So now, we are slowly collecting.. guess what.  That’s right!  Elephants!!  So, while shopping in Utah last week at one of my favorite quilt shops,  I came across this adorable pattern.  Then my sister found the perfect fabric to go along with it..  It had to come home with me.  I still have enough of the fabric to make a little bag for her little collection of little elephants. 

I stuffed her with little plastic beads (instead of stuffing) and named her Ruby.  Cuz, I love the name and she has such cute red ears and tail.

Ruby elephant side

Ruby elephant

I can’t wait for my daughter to wake up and see her new friend..



  1. Cute Cute Cute! Darling! Love it! Nice job!

  2. cute! love it, glad you decided on using the fabric for it!! Does she like it?