Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Peas and Carrots Quilt

I was browsing through a ‘retro quilt’ Google search the other day and I came across this super cute quilt on Diary of a Quilter.  It was made mostly using the American Jane line ‘peas and carrots’.    I thought to myself, I should make a quilt like that!  Then, I looked more closely at the fabric….. I did make a quilt like that!  Years ago!   It’s been awhile since anybody in this house has used this particular quilt because of the ridiculous everyday over 100 degree temperatures and the fact that I always put this quilt at the bottom of the quilt pile.  Why you ask?  Let’s just say that my first attempt at enlarging a baby quilt to a full size quilt did not go particularly well.  I did the math wrong for the corner and setting triangles and they turned out a little too small.  So while sewing, I stretched the fabric a bit too far.  The quilt wouldn’t lie flat, so when I quilted it, the fabric got some tucks in it.  And…. since it was already messed up, I practiced different quilting patterns on it.  Yeah, it’s not really one to pass down through the generations.   But, if you don’t look too closely and you squint a little, it doesn’t seem too bad. 

25 patch

The quilting isn’t very stellar either.

peas and carrots quilting

Peas and carrots draped

I don’t feel too badly about it, because every one needs a quilt that can be drug around, used for picnics, and generally abused.  This is ours.


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  1. I always see what I want to make in my mind, but then I get really frustrated when it doesn't quite turn out as perfect as I had planned. I guess that is what makes it really special, the imperfections! BTW, I love that quilt!