Monday, May 23, 2011

I’m truly spoiled

What a great day!  Today is my 16th anniversary.  I knew my husband had gone out shopping for something.  I truly was expecting something small but thoughtful.  Like a book and maybe a quilt magazine.  Boy was I wrong!

My amazing hubby woke before 5AM this morning to make me this…..

Anniversary Breakfast

Let me tell you exactly what this is….  First, I really like cute dishes.  So much that I couldn’t decide on any kind of formal dishes because there are too many cute designs to choose from.  Therefore,  I am slowly collecting one place setting of each set that I fall in love with. ( My husband started this by buying me a place setting to serve me Mother’s Day breakfast on.)  Eventually, I will have 12ish place settings of completely different adorable dishes.  My husband, who very much hates shopping, went to three different stores across town to find all the pieces you see here.  (He’s so awesome.)  I love ‘em. (The dishes and my hubby.)

Now, what you see on the dishes are:

On the butterfly plate there are beignet’s with a chocolate crepe with lemon curd wrapped inside and powdered sugar on top.  On the square plate he made spinach and sausage quiche! and fresh fruit in little chocolate torte cups.  There is also a little pressed cookie type thingy.  In the white mug is steamed milk with double chocolate hot cocoa mix.  And, last but not least, orange juice in an adorable retro glass.  I liked them so much, we had to go shopping for a few more….

Retro glasses

After getting my kid monkey’s off to school, he surprised me with this

Quilt Log Holder

What a great idea!  A log holder to hold my quilts! 

Then, after sending off my toddler monkey to play at her cousins house, we went shopping and out to lunch.  Along with my retro glasses, I found this great “sewing room mug”.  Don’t you think it matches Camille Roskelley’s new “Ruby” fabric?  I might have to make a quilt to match….

Sewing Room Mug

Didn’t I say I was spoiled?


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