Friday, May 13, 2011


While looking around my newly decorated living room, I decided my dining room needed a little pick me up too. A table topper would help a bit in changing the style of the room.  (It’s a bit too formal.)  So, I went on a little shopping trip (through my stash) and found this great fabric line I had bought years ago called “Rendezvous”.  Perfect!  (Since we had not seen each other in awhile.)  It had all the colors I needed to match the room.  Wahoo! I wanted something fairly simple, so I decided on a charm square quilt with three borders.  I liked it so much (and still had LOTS of fabric left over) I made a matching quilt.  Now, the quilt is done and looks fabulous. (If I do say so myself.) But, the topper still isn’t quilted, which is okay cuz I don’t want you to see it until the entire dining room is finished.  Which it’s not…  The topper is exactly the same.  Just smaller. And square.

Let me introduce you to my new (well reacquainted) friend… Rendezvous

Rendezvous Quilt

Rendezvous Quilt Full

We’re best friends.

I tried a new quilting pattern on it.  It has a bunch of loops and flowers.  I also used a dark brown thread so the quilting would stand out a bit.  It’s super cute where I quilted the good flowers, but a not quite so cute where I quilted the messier flowers. I've been forgiven for those spots though.  That’s what friends are for.

Rendezvous close up



  1. lu-huv it.. no, really, I do.. it's so cute.. so cute.. so cute... I don't know what else to say except why don't I have any of that fabric? I'm not sure you should have it all.. give some to me... NOW!!

  2. Oh ma goodness! How did I EVER control myself and not type up how much quilt envy I have? Dahling! Gorgamous! Totally loving the colors (very French General looking)...totally missed this line, don't even remember it. Can I come shopping in your stash?