Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Four patch baby quilt

I’m pretty excited to be showing you this adorable quilt for my new nephew.  He is almost two weeks old and I’m super excited to be living just two streets away so I can ooohh and aahhh over him as much as I like.  (Well almost, I have to compete with my daughters.)  I always find it a little harder to make quilts for boys, because there is just not the selection out there compared to the girl fabric available.  But, I found this great fabric (while in Utah, of course)  and I thought it would make a perfect boy quilt. 

Boy baby quilt

 baby quilt back

baby quilt rolled

I love making baby quilts.  It’s so satisfying to start and finish a quilt so quickly.  Then you get to give them away to sweet little babies for cuddling.  Sigh….



  1. turned out really cute! is it loved?

  2. hmmm... my previous comment got lost apparently..

    anyway, I too love making baby quilts! Yours is darling! loving it! I'm sure the mother/baby will as well!