Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sister’s Quilt 2009-10

Every year my sister’s, mom, and sister’s-in-law have some kind of  “Sister’s Quilt” project.  One year each of us made seven of the same 12” squares every month.  Then we would give one square to each of the other women involved.  That way, every month we would get seven different squares!  Another year we started a row quilt.  The first person would make some kind of pieced row, then pass it along to the next person who would add another row and so on….  This year we are involved in a block of the month.  Everybody is making the same blocks, just using their own choice of fabric.  I seem to have a hard time actually finishing these quilts.  They are great fun to be involved in, but once my finished top gets passed back to me, they kinda just sit there.  That’s why I’m so excited to finally be finishing one.  I just received it a month ago, and it’s my first finished “Sister’s Quilt”! 

Finished 2010 Sister's Quilt

2010 Sister's Quilt

2010 Sister's Quilt 2

Sister's Quilt 2011 2

Because it’s a bit small, I think it’s home is going to be draped over the back of my armchair in my sewing room.  It’ll be the perfect lap quiltSmile


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  1. Darling! Love it! and I LOVE the backing fabric! I can just see it draped over a chair... perfect!