Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I’m on a roll!

My kids are out of school and it’s actually making it easier for me to quilt!  They are so happy to be out of school they have been relaxing, playing and most importantly entertaining my two year old.  I’m sure it’s not going to last long, but I’m enjoying it and taking advantage  for as long as possible.

This top took a while to get quilted because I wanted to straight line stitch it.  I really didn’t want to pin baste it and sew it on my regular machine. (I REALLY REALLY don’t like basting.)  And, I had never straight stitched with my mid-arm quilter.  So, this was practice.  I think I did fairly well.  There are a few wavy lines, but I spaced the rows 3 inches apart so as to not be so noticeable.  I like the look it gives the quilt.  I have to figure out a better way soon, cuz I have a few more quilts I want to straight line stitch (with no waves).

Origins Quilt

I super love the backing on this quilt too.  My husband didn’t know what I was using for the back and couldn’t believe I had made a quilt without polka dots. (Silly man, like I would ever do that!)   It’s the Moda “Dottie” line and it is soooo soft.   It feels like brushed cotton.  New favorite cuddle quilt!

Dottie backing on pinwheel quilt



  1. Love love love it! Jealous jealous jealous!

    K.. I have Origins, must play soon!

    Totally in love with this one!

  2. Love the pattern & the border especially! Great job!