Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My Old Armchair

I’ve been wanting a chair for my sewing room ever since I got a sewing room.  But, I haven’t been wanting to spend the kind of money needed for the chair.  My husband came up with this great solution.  He found a cool old armchair on Craig’s list for $60.  It definitely needs help, but can’t you see the potential?  I love claw feet furniture too.  (Most of my bedroom furniture has claw feet.)  This chair even has feathers in the back pillow cushion.  Plus, it’s small and will fit nicely into a little corner, but it’s also super comfy.  My big problem now is deciding on fabric to reupholster  it.  I keep changing my mind on the style I want for my sewing room.  Bright turquoise and red for my happy upbeat days, cottage greens and reds for a relaxing room, or shabby chic for an extra feminine room  What do you think?  I could paint the wood a nice white or eggshell too….. What to do. What to do….

before reupholstery


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