Monday, June 6, 2011


Yeah!  It’s finished!  I’m super excited about this one.  It’ a bit different than anything I have done before, which turned out to be a very good thing.   It’s definitely going up on my wall.  I used the Schnibbles pattern “Madeline” for the design, but made it much bigger and added a row. 

Rouenneries Quilt

This quilt is made mostly from the Rounneries line. I really like French General fabric.  It doesn’t stand out as much as all the bright colorful lines that are out there, but I haven’t seen a quilt made from their fabric I didn’t love.

(Sigh!  Did you know that if your finished side borders are a mere 1/2 inch different from each other it is very noticeable when hanging on a wall?? Double sigh.  And maybe a sniff too…)


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