Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My newly painted dining room

I’ve had two red dining rooms in the last six years.  I like red and I seem to be a little more daring in my choice of colors for the dining room.  But recently,  I’ve really wanted my house to be more calming.  (Five kids all home from school for the summer. Go figure….)  So, the upstairs bathroom got redecorated in blues and greens.  All the red came out of my bedroom and was replaced with creams.  And, the biggest change was my red dining room.  I liked it, but never really loved it.  It was just too much.   I had a big room and felt like I needed to fill it up with knick knacks.  Not anymore!  I found a gorgeous blue, painted the walls, and took out all the stuff.  Much better.  You be the judge.


Red dining room 


Blue Dining Room

Now, I find my kids drifting towards the dining room to do homework.  I walk through it just cuz it makes me smile and to get a whiff of my Lemon and Lavender Scentsy I turn on almost every day.

  Now, if I could just convince my oldest daughter to let me repaint the red bathroom!



  1. Wow! It looks great! I love how the blue turned out!

  2. ooohhhhh aaahhhhhh...loving it!
    very nice! good to see you pick up a paintbrush! good job!

  3. I just did a feature post about your blog! You can go over and check it out!

  4. Beautiful! And yes, very calming. I adore red but I'm moving to a bit different color palette now too.


  5. From the energetic red to the cool and calming blue, I like the overall makeover of your dining room. Color affects the mood and at some point dictates the “vibes” of the room, and that’s why it is important that we choose carefully what color to paint each room with. See how it drives your kids towards your blue dining room? A job well done!

    -Anselm Armando

  6. I agree with you, Anselm. I love the color choice. And I noticed that you didn’t just repaint the room, but you also did a bit of revamp on the displayed furniture. Anyway, are there any latest changes in your dining room? =)

    - Jessie Tsui

    1. Thanks so much for all your awesome comments. It's so nice getting good feedback after doing such a drastic change. In answer to your question, I haven't done anymore work on the dining room, but I have plans.... I'll be recovering the chairs and hopefully adding another furniture piece and large area rug. I'll post pictures when it's all finished!

  7. If I was one of your kids, I’d choose blue over red too. I find blue very soothing and relaxing. In fact, I could stay here all day and stare at the color blue without any hesitations. Hmm. Let me guess, you favorite color is red, right? If blue is cool, then red is hot. Maybe, when your kids are all grown up, they’ll also like red as much as you. ;)

    -Leeanne Dyson