Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Break

On our way home from Utah, we decided to stop and enjoy ourselves a bit.  My husband and I had  been to Arches National Park a few times before, but we had never taken our kids.  We have driven by Arches probably 20 plus times, but had always been in a hurry to get home.  Not this time!  We had a lot of fun! The kids loved it.  We hiked to Landscape Arch, the Delicate Arch overlook, and Double Arch.  We also stopped off at Balancing Rock and the Fiery Furnace overlook.  It was a great little family trip and we all benefited the rest of the way home, cuz the kids were too tired to do anything but enjoy sitting down.

Family at Landscape Arch
Hiking to Landscape Arch
If you look closely, you can see Delicate Arch in the background.  It was just too long of a hike with the little  kids. So, the overlook had to do.
Hiking to Double Arch
Kids at Arches National Park
Sun over Landscape Arch 3
Even though it was my third time there, it was still as breathtaking as ever.  What a beautiful place to see.


  1. awesome photo's! Too bad David's not in the first one, I'd blow it up and frame it!
    Looks awesome, and makes me want to go back down there!