Sunday, March 27, 2011

I’m doing it again

I guess I’m in the super crazy crank it out sewing mood again.  I hate leaving my sewing machine these days for little things like cleaning the house, taking care of kids, weeding,  showering.  Y’know the small stuff!  There just aren’t enough hours of baby napping time in the day.  I really want to quilt my pinwheel sampler quilt soon.  So, while I was waiting for quilt batting to go on sale at Hobby Lobby, I decided to start cutting out the squares from my vintage sheets.  I just wanted to have them ready to start sewing together when I was done with my sampler quilt.  This was the end result……

Vintage Sheet Quilt
Vintage Sheet Quilt Closeup

Yes, I finished the entire top.  I started piecing the rows of squares together and decided it wasn’t big enough.  So I cut more and more squares and started sewing them together.  It’s final dimensions are 90x90!  I’m very excited to find a super awesome soft sheet for the backing.  The top is sooo soft and cuddly, I’m sure it will become the family’s favorite movie watching quilt.  It’s a good thing quilt batting is on sale this week!  I have three more tops to quilt before I can start planning my next quilt!




  1. way cute hmm just that, way cute!

  2. Beautiful! It just looks so soft & comforting!