Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Adorable New Dish Towels!

I did it!  It took me every second of my daughter’s nap (that means nobody has clean clothes to wear tomorrow), but I got my reproduction dish towels done.  I saw the idea in a quilt shop I visited over Christmas break and I loved them.  My husband’s first question was, “Can I use them?”  I’m going to have to think on that……

cute dish towels
and here they are on my oven.  I thought my husbands new dutch oven makes a great accessory.  Don’t you?
Vintage Dish Towels

I have enough fabric leftover to make a matching apron.  I’m going to have to find a great vintage pattern…..Hmmm… next project coming soon….



  1. May I just say... LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I'm sooooo going to have to make those, and soon! I still haven't made it to the store, darnit! I love the dutch oven too, that's darn snazzy!

  2. Too cute! They look soooo Shannon!
    Nice job!