Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thoughts on Fabric “Stashing”

A few years back, on our drive from Texas to Utah, our family stopped at Great Aunt Vernetta’s house.  What a wonderful lady.  We all love her.  She is also a quilter from way back.  Her quilts are just beautiful.  At the time we stopped, her sister happened to be visiting her and they were deciding how to quilt their historical quilt tops they had each recently finished piecing.  They had all kinds of pictures and images on them representing the life of Joseph Smith.  I was very excited to chat quilts with these two seasoned professionals, especially since I did not have much experience.  The conversation strayed to Vernetta’s very sweet but strong opinion about all these young women who go to fabric stores and buy whatever fabric they like without even making plans for it!  They go on big shopping trips just to buy carloads of fabric.  Then, they bring it home and stack it all over their sewing rooms!  It was just madness!!  At this point of the conversation, I got very quiet for a moment. Then started murmuring in agreement.  Humph!  Yeah those crazy ladies!  What are they thinking!  Who could be so thoughtless as to waste all that money on fabric?!!  Outrageous!!  Meanwhile, my husband could hardly contain his laughter.  Although it was early on in my stash building days, my son had already lost his closet to my “holy cow that is sooo cute. I have to have it” pile.  Thankfully, he didn’t give me away.  Anyway, my fabric stash has saved me in my recently tightened down budget.  How would I be able to buy  a cute new radish bucket and then go rummage through my fabric and start making a quilt to match it?  Without spending a penny?  (Except for the radish pail of course.)  Well, after making a short story long, here are a few of my beautimous stacks of fabric that will one day be quilts.  (Including my radish pail quilt.)
Wildflowers fabric stash
Black and Cream Stack
Fabric Stash Stacks
Pure Stack
Red White and Blue Stack
I love my stash and love looking through my fabric.  Just looking at my pictures makes me grin like an idiot.  Just don’t tell Great Aunt Vernetta…

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  1. Love it! Great story! I can see you getting nice and quiet, then agreeing with them! You should have told them it's not the great depression anymore! He he he... anywho, darling fabric, great story, good post! Except we now have record of what you have and are planning on turning into something.. now we're going to expect results!