Thursday, January 20, 2011

My first Postage Stamp Quilt Block

I’m using another Jelly Roll that I had sitting around.  (I have way too much fabric just sitting around.) This one happens to be the Posh line.  I have been cutting and cutting and cutting and cutting.  Finally, I have finished all my strips sets for the PS I Quilt postage stamp quilt along.  Holy Cow!  It took me two hours!  (I cut them one at a time, so they were more accurate.) But, finally they are cut and the sewing begins.  I’m determined to have beautiful matching corners, so I am pinning every single seam.  (Something I never do.)  I had time to sew the first block together and I’m super excited with the results.  My corners are awesome! (If I do say so myself.) I only see one that is a hair off.

Posh Checkerboard
One down, 31 to go…..
Posh Strips


  1. it's loverly! just need to get mine started now!

  2. Awesome! Darn darling! I need to figure out what I'm doing! arrrgghhhh!