Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ta Dah!

I finished it!  I don’t think I have ever pieced and quilted a quilt this quickly.  I was really in the mood to get a project done.  So, I did!  Yesterday, I got all the borders put on and the quilt on the frame….
Soiree quilt on frame
So today, I just had to wait for my little one to take her nap and it was ready and waiting!  It went very fast, since it’s not very big.  Luckily right as Sammie was waking up, her siblings came home from school and entertained her while I put on the binding.   I showed it to her and she said (in toddler talk), “dank you, mommy, dank you”.  She loves it!
Sammie with her new quilt
Soiree quilt
Now, I think I’ll head over to psiquilt to join in on her postage stamp quilt along.  I’ve always loved postage stamp quilts.

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  1. I'm with Sammie, I love it too! it's so cute and the colors are so bright and fun. I was surprised to see the first picture all ready to quilt, you're so fast! I love your blog background I saw this one and thought of you, I'd wondered if you'd seen it yet. So fun!