Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Outfits 2011

I hope everybody had a fabulous Easter!  We did!  We all fell asleep exhausted after a long but great day.  I know you are probably sick of all my Easter outfit posts, and I promise this is the last one (‘til next year) since they are done!  The kids all looked so cute and pinchable in their new Easter duds, I have to show off with a picture.

Easter Outfits

I love how they turned out this year.  I like the mix up of each kid wearing a different pattern, but still coordinating.  Fun Fun….

Anyway,  my goal today is to clean up all the Easter after math and quilt!   Yes, I get to quilt again.  I’m just about finished with my sheet quilt.  Photos to come very soon…..


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  1. My great nieces and nephew look very beautiful (handsome) in this picture. You are a very crafty seamstress. Yeah!!!