Monday, April 25, 2011

Our long long kept secret

Once upon a time, my younger sister had this idea for all the sisters (four) and all the sister-in-laws (2) to make a quilt for my mom’s birthday.  This wasn’t just an ordinary quilt, but a stitchery quilt. Lots and lots of stitching.  So, two of my sisters went and picked out the fabrics, divided up the pattern and everybody set out to do their part of the quilt.  Once the individual parts were pieced and stitched,  all was to be sent to me to put together, quilt and bind.  Tadah!  Mom is overjoyed and we are all happy with ourselves for being so sneaky and surprising her so much…..  That was the plan…..

Two years later (really) after people forgot about it, lost parts of it (sorry), babies were born (time off had to be taken) and general “I’ll really get to it” comments.  (Although, to be fair there were some shining stars who did their parts quickly  and well …. take a bow sisters-in-law….).  And, mom actually getting the pattern and almost starting it (enter lots of lying and half truths to get her to stop) we finished.  YEAH!!!  I’m so excited to show it off! It really is hard to keep a secret that long.

Over the River Quilt

Over the River Quilt 2

I think it turned out great and I’m so happy she finally got her birthday present.  Happy Birthday Mom!


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  1. Nice post, described well, but nothing will relay the actual PAINFUL process it was to complete the dang thing! Whew! I'm glad it's done!