Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Conference Weekend Project

Growing up, I would always watch my mom doing some kind of project during the LDS conference weekend.  Usually it was crocheting some sort of afghan.  She would always get a huge portion of her afghan finished. Who wouldn’t?  It’s 8 hours of sitting in front of the television listening to all the great talks.  What else is there to do?   So, as I got a little older, I started my own  conference weekend projects.  I’ve crocheted ponchos and afghans, done some stitchery work, scrapbooked, you name it….  This year I was going to do something different.  My mom had recently taught me how to knit.  (Which I’m super excited about!)  I bought the yarn and the knitting needles a couple of weeks ago.  My first scarf was anxiously awaiting to be made.   Sigh.  That was before I got into a big hurry with my rotary cutter.  Ouch!  Sliced my index finger pretty good.  Then, I decided to trim my monster palm tree. (We’re talking 8 inch long sharp, hard needles.)  Even wearing thick gloves, I suffered nicks and cuts all over my fingers and arms.  I discovered knitting was not all that fun with all my cuts and scrapes.  I needed to find a new project.  Luckily, just a few days ago my “American Patchwork & Quilting” magazine came in the mail. YEAH!!  Inside was a pattern for these adorable sachet stitcheries.  I found my project! And, I had everything I needed without having to run to the store.  So, here is what I got done yesterday.  Hopefully, I’ll be finished with the remaining two stitcheries today……..

Sweet Sachet Stitchery
Cottage stitchery
I started pulling out fabrics I could use on the back of my sachets and found these…..
Cottage Fabrics
Aren’t they lovely?  They are from waaaaay back when I first started quilting.  The lines are “Faded Memories” by 3 Sisters and “Poetry” by April Cornell.  Makes me want to make something!   But, not until I quilt my last 4 quilts.  Really.  They’ll have to wait a little longer.  Sigh


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  1. Once again, you suck! I was just talking about these with Stacie & telling her how I hated their bow... nice job on yours! I dare you to actually get them sewn up and finished now!

    Nice job!