Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Outfits of Years Gone By

I’m in a quilting time out.  This time of year every year quilting comes to a screeching halt while Easter dresses take full precedence.  I am really struggling this year.  My girls are getting older and I can’t really do the matchy matchy thing anymore.  So, this year I have picked out different patterns for each of the kids.  But, it’s slow going.  Two and a half down, one and a half (and a tie) to go.  Since I have not done anything else to post about, I thought it might be kinda fun to take a look back at some of the other Easter outfits I have made.  I totally understand if you have no interest whatsoever in this post.  Hopefully, I will have something more interesting to read about soon.  But, it is a fun trip down memory lane for me…..

Easter Outfits 2010
Easter Outfits 2009
Easter Outfits 2008
Easter Outfits 2007
Easter Outfits 2006
Easter Outfits 2005

I know it’s always cuter when it’s your own kids, but these pictures sure made me laugh!  I used to get upset when the kids weren’t smiling perfectly or looking right at the camera, but looking back, the character shots are always my favorite!  They help me remember what munchkins they were.


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