Monday, August 13, 2012

My quilting space

I’m always looking for decorating ideas for my sewing room.  It’s the room that comes last.  Every other room has been (mostly) decorated and organized.  And rightly so.  I’m very blessed to have a sewing room and I love it.  But, I would really love shelves instead of totes (which would help with the messy look I’ve got going on).  I would also like it prettied up a bit.  (Maybe for my Christmas present this year?)  Have you ever noticed that a room you thought looked okay looks 10 times worse in a picture?  Anyway, consider these my official BEFORE pictures. 

quilting machine 2

I like to drape my quilts over my quilting machine for awhile so I can decide how I want them quilted. Plus, the quilt tops cover up the clutter of all the totes full of fabric underneath.

sewing table

This is my favorite corner.  I plan on making a chair cover.  Someday…  Did you notice my tables?  They were stolen from my hubby’s camping gear. There is also some kids school spelling tests, cards and a “Marvelous Mother Award” tacked to the wall.  My kiddos love helping me “decorate” my space.

Window Shelf

quilting magazines

sewing totes

This is the most embarrassing picture.  Sigh.  I really need shelves.

sitting corner

Sewing Room Shelf

One day my old chair will be recovered too.  This is where my hubby and kids come to sit and visit while I sew.

Well, now you’ve seen it all.  Where I create.  My favorite room in the house.  I think I need to browse a few more inspirational pictures….



  1. I love your sewing space! I need to get mine organized! It also doubles as my office and craft/scrapbooking area... Definitely need more orginization!

  2. I love that you have a sitting area in your sewing room. I so enjoy my overstuffed chair after sewing for a while.
    I do love your layout!

  3. I like how you drape your quilts to decorate and think about. They just multi-task by hiding the tubs.

  4. Where/what/when the Holly Hobby picture in the last photo? Is it a stitchery? Did you do it?
    Totally love it!

    Also LOVE the whole space as well!