Friday, August 10, 2012

Star Sampler Quilt Along Block 2

The second star in our quilt-a-long is my favorite star block.  There are lots of variations and names, but the name I like is ‘Party Hats’. 

Star Sampler Quilt Along

Cutting and Fabric

party hats block pieces

Fabric 1 –  Background  (4) 4 1/2 in. squares and (1) 5 1/4 in. square cut twice diagonally.

Fabric 2 -  Yellow  (2) 4 7/8 in. squares cut once diagonally.

Fabric 3 – Blue  (1) 4 1/2 in. square and (1) 5 1/4 in. square cut twice diagonally.

(Please ignore the triangle fabrics already sewn together. I forgot to take the first picture.)

Step 1

party hats step 1

Sew small background triangle and small blue triangle together. Press open and trim.

Step 2

party hats step 2

Sew larger yellow triangle onto first set of triangles to form a square.  Press open. Trim.


party hats step 3

When sewing your blocks together ALWAYS be sure to press and trim to the correct size.  (This block is 4 1/2 in.)  That way your seams will match and your finished block will come out square.

Step 3

party hats step 4

Now, lay your block pieces out. Sew together in rows then sew rows into the finished block (making sure to pin the corners).

Your now finished with block 2!


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