Friday, August 17, 2012

Star Sampler Quilt–Block 3

Maybe its because I have a little boy, but every time I look at the Friendship Star Block, I think of Ninjas.  (He was a ninja for Halloween last year, and I did sew some ninja stars onto his costume.) So I nickname this star “Ninja Star”.  But really, I turned the Friendship Star into a Four-patch Friendship Star.

Star Sampler Quilt Along

Cutting and Fabric

spinning 4 patch fabric

Fabric 1 – Background – (8) 2 7/8 in. squares and (16) 2 1/2 in. squares

Fabric 2 – Stars – (8) 2 7/8 in. squares and (4) 2 1/2 in. squares

Step 1

spinning 4 patch step1

On the back of EIGHT of your 2 7/8 in. background squares, draw a diagonal line.

Step 2

spinning 4 patch step 2

Lay those eight squares Right Sides Together (RST) on top of the eight 2 7/8 in. squares of Fabric 2.  Chain stitch 1/4 in. to the right of your drawn line down all eight of your squares, then turn your chain and sew 1/4 in. down the other side of your line.

Step 3

spinning 4 patch step 3

Cut your squares on half on your drawn line.

Step 4

spinning 4 patch step 4

Press open your half square triangles (seam allowance towards the darker fabric) and trim to 2 1/2 in. squares.

Step 5

spinning 4 patch step 5

Lay out your squares to form the four Friendship Stars.

Step 6

spinning 4 patch step 6

Sew each row into strips.  Press.  Alternate the direction of the seams you are pressing  for each row.  That way when you sew your rows together the seams will “lock” into place resulting in perfect corners.

Friendship Star pressed back

Step 7

spinning 4 patch step 7

Sew your rows together. Pin all your corners making extra sure your seams line up. 

Press open.

Your Ninja Star is finished!  I may have to include this star in my son’s next quilt…


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