Saturday, February 12, 2011

I love red roses!

One red rose

I know I already posted about RED QUILTS, but this morning I woke up with some pretty extreme spring fever.  I had memories of my teenage self, waking up with the smell of roses all around me.  I would leave the window open the night before, so I could see and smell the red climbing rose bush outside my bedroom window  first thing in the morning.  Then, I would go outside and clip roses  from my mom’s many rose bushes and create beautiful arrangements to sit around my bedroom.  When they started to wilt, I would hang them upside down to dry resulting in LOTS of dried roses all around my room.  My dad would refer to them as “rose corpses”. 
For the past year I have been trying to decide how to decorate my sewing room. My moods change so often, I have been afraid to decide on one look.  As I thought about how long I have loved roses and especially red roses, I decided that was the look I was going to go for.  Cottage Rose.  Here are a few of the inspirational pictures, my local rose garden pictures, and some fun pictures I found while browsing online.  (The shoes are just because they are awesome shoes.)
Rose Bedroom
cottage rose bedroom
El Paso Rose Garden Red Roses
red rose shoes
Red Rose Teaset
Red rose quilt
Even if you’re not a fan of red roses, I encourage you to compile some pictures of things that you LOVE.  My pictures always seem to cheer me up, help in decorating, or just give me something to flip through when I’m relaxing.


  1. I like the first photo the best... LOVE the green trim on the windows against that wall paper! Darling! You should TOTALLY do your sewing room like that!
    And your different fonts are cute too!

    So now it's YOUR turn to go check out OTHER sister blogs and leave comments!

  2. I love the first picture too... and if I thought that I could walk in shoes like that, I'd totally find a pair... I think they'd cause a trip to the hospital though... not so coordinated this week.