Monday, February 28, 2011

Quilting and Family History

I have been quilting for about 8 years.  As I started getting more interested in quilts, quilt patterns and where they originated, my husband mentioned to me that his great grandmother was a quilter.  Surprise!  I had no idea.  I know my mother quilts, her mother quilts, and her grandmother quilted.  I even have a “Sunbonnet Sue” quilt square, (The quilt had been cut into squares. Cringe!)  from my great grandmother that was passed down to my mother, who then finished the edges and gave a square to each of her daughters.  Lucky me!  It is pictured here.

Vintage quilt
I really wanted to see the quilts that had been passed down in my husband’s family.  So, while we were visiting his Grandmother in Utah one year, I asked if I could see them.  I am so glad I did!  This first quilt was made by her Grandmother.  (That would be my husband’s Great Great Grandmother!)  It was made with the “Drunkard’s Path” block.
Drunkard Path Quilt
The next two quilts were made by my husband’s Great Grandmother.  She was an amazing quilter and also received one of Utah’s Mother of the Year  awards. 
The first quilt is a beautiful pink “Wedding Ring” quilt.  Grandma says that when she looks at the quilt, she can see fabrics that were used for her and her siblings clothing were cut up and then used in this quilt. 
The second quilt is a bright and colorful “Trip Around the World”.
pink wedding ring quilt
Trip Around the World Quilt

I have a picture of Great Grandma standing next to this quilt, but when I called to ask permission to use it, she didn’t want me to.  I’ll just have to keep that picture in the family archives.  I’m so happy I got to find out a little more about my husbands family history through quilting.



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  1. That's really cool Shammy, I didn't know that!