Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentines Décor… Kinda….

I used to decorate for the holidays.  Well, really more for the seasons.  In my storage room and garage, I have boxes of decorations.  But, it seems like the last few years have flown by and those holidays just tend to sneak up on me.  I started slowing down with baby no. 4, but baby no. 5 just did me in.  The only thing that went up was Christmas decorations.  Now that baby no. 5 is a little older and a little easier, I’ve been thinking about changing my mantel  for each holiday.  (I know, I always have such big plans!) So, for this Valentine’s day I have made two simple crafts.  The third not so simple craft is still sitting in my garage untouched…  It might get finished in time for next year….
Valentine Decor
Valentine Mantel
I know, I know, it’s fairly simple. But, hey, it’s a start right? The felt heart is everywhere in blog land because it is so amazingly cute and you can finish it in a couple hours. You can get the instructions here.  Subway art is also super cute and some wonderful soul designed it all in a few color palettes, so all you have to do is click on the one you like and print.  You can find it here.  Then I went digging in my storage room and found an old frame I wasn’t using anymore, painted it black and Ta Dah!  If I happen to finish these conversation heart blocks before Valentines I’ll post a picture.  But really, don’t hold your breath.


  1. love love it, thanks for the links. I may have to do a project or two!

  2. Oh miss Shannon.... so Shannon! Very cute! Keep it up!