Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oh Dismay!!

Oh drat!  Oh frustration! Oh phooey! Oh curses! Crap! 

I promised myself I cannot start another quilt top without finishing two quilts first. (I have about 12 tops waiting to be quilted.)  So, I pulled out my Meadowsweet quilt top I finished just before Christmas.  It’s great.  Totally different than I’ve ever done before.  I wanted to quilt the top today, put on the binding tomorrow and tadah!  But, unfortunately in my hurry to get finished, I neglected to check my tension after I had to rethread my machine.  When you are quilting on a Mega Quilter, that is a BIG NO NO!  This is what happens when your tension is not right.

Major tension problem
Riiiipp It Riiiip It
Ripped out thread
The whole length

Yes, one entire pass along the length of the quilt.  So, instead of finishing my quilt top today. I spent an hour on my knees riipppping…..  Moral of the story:  Please check your tension (on the underside) of the thread every time you start quilting.  It may take an extra few seconds.  But, it is totally worth it


  1. grrr, I hate unpicking, soooo not my favorite. I looooovvee the quilt though, looks so cute, can't wait to see it done, I bet you can't either.

  2. AAARrrggghhhh! I think I would have been using stronger words that you! ha he ha he...
    Sorry, total bummer, but at least fixable! gripe gripe arrgghh... I feel for ya!